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We act in different areas of living and working combining projects of architecture, management, industrial, interior and exhibit design.


Thinking process is a engine for innovation of enterprises and society. For this reason we are setting ourselves as collector and catalyst of people and energies in order to deliver proposals, projects and solutions able to give new perspectives.


With our works, objects take on the spirit necessary to live among the sum of the parts in a holistic system aimed at bettering the quality of our lives.


We believe architecture comes about through a creative process aimed at realizing a significant space that respects its surroundings and those who will live in it.


The cultural wealth that comes through in our products is the result of a multidisciplinary approach that contribute to the perception of new perspectives in transforming the present.


We strongly believe in the effectiveness of an event meant to communicate the values of the brand to a wide audience.


Few words about us

Bgpiù studio act in different areas of living and working combining projects of industrial, interior, exhibit design, architecture and management. Established in 1985 Milan (Italy), our team of architects and designers is organized upon processes and has replaced the role of the professional “soloist”.

Our structure is light and flexible. coordination methods and state of the art tools, allow us to meet the request of a more and more complex market, with quality, promptness and budget request.

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